Lakh data peer de shabad

Patiala Rupnagar Jalandhar Faridkot Firozpur. Punjabi folk religion Punjabi Sufi saints. Since then this fair is held in Mukandpur and lasts for nine days. An intra-gifted giver gave to each of his brothers and his family, including his four elder friends, from Multan 60 KOs sohalemana mountain in the distance on the uninhabited area at the time received martyrdom in the years Sakhi Sarwar had one brother namely Khan DhohDha.

There are numerous shrines in Indian Punjab where they are known as Nigaha. Near the shrine at Nigaha there are two other holy spots called Chom and Moza, both associated with Murtaza, the son in law of Sakhi Sarwar. Various fairs are held in the Punjab region. Since then this fair is held in Daya and lasts for nine days.

SufismSikhismPunjabi folk religion. Archived from the original on Those who could not go anywhere at all slept on the ground at home k at least one night in a year. His followers are known as Sultanias or Sarwarias.

lakh data peer de shabad

Archived copy as title. State of Punjab, India. Near there is a Thakurdwara, and in another apartment is an image of Bhairon. The shrine at Nigaha holds a week-long Baisakhi fair in the month of April. The saint selected the town of Nigaha this place as his abode. A common ritual which is traditionally observed is to offer a raut, a huge loaf prepared from 18 kilograms of wheat flour sweetened with jaggery weighing half that quantity once a year on a Friday.

An intra-gifted giver gave to each of his brothers and his family, including his four elder friends, from Multan 60 KOs sohalemana mountain in the distance on the uninhabited area at the time received martyrdom in the years The raut is traditionally prepared by a Bharai, who took one fourth of the rotas offering, the remaining being consumed by the donor family and distributed among fellow Sultanias followers of Sakhi Sarwar.

Their halting points on the routes are known as chaukis posts where the pilgrims traditionally slept on the ground. Devotees unable to undertake the pilgrimage to Nigaha would attend at least one of the chaukis. All this family worked as farmer in Shahkot. At some places Sakhi Sarwar is worshiped along with Gugga and their common shrines along with other deities are known as Panj Pirs or Nigahas.

This ritual of sleeping on the ground instead of on a cot is called chauki bharna. The drumbeating bards who act as professional guides and priests at local shrines are called pirkhanas. If they could not, they went to any other village on the route for a night. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Within the enclosures of the shrine are the tombs of Sakhi Sarwar, his wife, known as Bibi Bai, and of the jinn whom he had held in his power and who brought many miracles for him.

Views Read Edit View history. Skip to content.Kabir, Mala to kar mein fire, Jeebh fire mukh maahi. Aur manua to chahu dishe fire, Ye to sumiran naahi. Kabir, Swaansa ki kar sumrani, Kar ajapa ko jaap. Param tatva ko dhyaan dhar, Soham aape aap. Kabir, Pooja guru ki kijiye, Sab pooja jin maahi. Jo jal cheejay mool taroo, Shakha patra naahin. Kabir, Thode se jeevan ke kaaje, Karta bahut bakheda. Kaal bali tujhe soojhe naahi, Fir fir le bhav fera. Jinda, Ho dharmani jo poocheyu mohi, Sunho surti dhar kahoon main tohi.

Zinda naam ahe sun mora, Zinda bhesh khojein kih tora. Hum satgur kar sewak aahi, Satgur sang hum sada rahai. Satyapurush veh satgur aahi, Satyalok veh sada rahai. Sakal jeev ke rakshak soi, Satgur bhakti kaaj jeev hoi.

mera likh le gulama vich naa,lakh data lala wala

Satgur SatyaKabir so aahi, Gupt pragat koi cheenhe naahi. Satgur aa jagat tan dhaari, Daasa tan dhar shabad pukari. Kaashi rehahi parikh hum pava, Satyanaam un mohi dridhaava. Nirgun dhaam niranjan bhai, Jin sagal utpatti banai.

Nirgun te mann bhaya prachanda, Taate basai sakal brahmanda. Nirgun ansh sakal avtara, Peer paigamber sab tan dhara. Yehi niranjan ker pasara, Taame atka sab sansaara.

Dharamdas tum bhakt snehi, Inme jani atkaavo dehi. Bhakt anek bhaye jag maahi, Nirbhaye ghar kou paavat naahi.I found the original Punjabi and also found two other pieces that I am posting here. HiNdu na naheeN musalmaan, Baheeye tiranjan taj abhimaan. Sunni na naheeN ham sheeya Sulha kuhl ka maarag leeya. Bhookhe na naheeN ham rahje, NaNge na naheeN ham kahje.

Paapi na sudharmi na, Paap pun ki raah na jaanaaN. Bulhe Shah jo hari chit laage, Hindu turak doojan tiyaage.

Neither Hindu nor Muslim, Sacrificing pride, let us sit together. Neither Sunni nor Shia, Let us walk the road of peace. We are neither hungry nor replete, Neither naked nor covered up. Neither weeping nor laughing, Neither ruined nor settled, We are not sinners or pure and virtuous, What is sin and what is virtue, this I do not know. Says Bulhe Shah, one who attaches his self with the lord. Gives up both hindu and muslim. Partisans live in Dharamsalas, cheats in temples, butchers reside in mosques; while lovers of the Lord live apart.

Bullah is neither Rafzi nor Sunni, nor learned nor an intellectual nor a Jaini.

Saakhi Baba Nanak Shah Faquir, Hindu Da Guru, Musalman Da Peer

I have learnt the lesson of love of God alone. People say : Bulleh is an Infidel Kafar and an idol-worshipper. It was phenomenal. Bulleh Shah says that: Be one with one and only almighty creator, leave all perplex sources you have made to reach him, free yourself from the fear of hell, make your heart grand, and only then you will understand. But what do you do? But what many do?

lakh data peer de shabad

How could reality be denied? Then there are ones birds which go in search of food on a day to day basis, and there you are, on the other hand, who tire yourself for future and thus do nothing except to waste your own self.

This is an interpretation of complete poem as per my weak knowledge, I wish you may find it useful. The real merit of meditation lies in concentrating the soul, vacating it from the body, and bringing it to the eye center. The real spiritual journey is said to commence from this point. PaRh paRh ilm hazaar kitaabaN qaddi apnay aap nou paRhiya naee jaaN jaaN waRhday mandir maseedi qaddi mann apnay wich waRhiya naee aa-vaiN laRda aye shaitan de naal bandeaa qaddi nafss apnay naal laRiya naee.

Dear Raza sahab, I must say that this is an excellent poem by one of my very favorite poets. It was Waris shah and Bulleh shah who forced me to learn to at least understand punjabi gurmukhi.

lakh data peer de shabad

Yet what these words carry is beyond words. Reagrds, M S khan.PEP-Web has a Facebook page! You can access it by clicking here.

Saakhi Baba Nanak Shah Faquir, Hindu Da Guru, Musalman Da Peer

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Joseph, B. Transference: The Total Situation. Bion, W. The Psycho-Analytic Study of Thinking. Attacks on Linking. Ogden, T. Baranger, M. Baranger, W. The Analytic Situation as a Dynamic Field. Sander, L. Nahum, J. Harrison, A. Lyons-Ruth, K. Morgan, A.Click 'Play' to listen all tracks. Toggle navigation SikhPlayer. Blog Contact About. Jorha Lala Da Various.

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Mere Lal Rangeele Tukhari Various. Koi Aan Milave Various. Sharanjeet Singh Various. Braham Gyani Various. Jagat Jalandaa Rakh Lai Various. Amrit Bani Various. Bhupinder Singh Various. Salok Mahalaa 9 Various. Ardas - Tarlochan Singh Various. Lakh Kusiaa Paatsahiya Various. Jan Aaye Propkari Various. Jyoti Jot Rahli Various. Mitha Lagge Tera Bhana Various.

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Lakh Data Peer Lala Wale | ਲੱਖ ਦਾਤਾ ਪੀਰ ਲਾਲਾ ਵਾਲੇ

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Gurbani Nitnem with Audio. Dotzoo Inc. Maths Formulas.Genres Dharmik. Shabad Kirtan. Dhadi Vaaran.

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Hamra Thakur Sabh Te Ucha. Haun Dekha Darsan Tera Ram. Ja Gur Dekha Samna. Jaye Mila Tinah Sajanah. Jhoothi Dekhi Preet. Khalsa Meri Jaan Ki Jaan. Man Aisa Neho Kareho. Na Ko Bairi Nahi Bigana. Nadar Kare Taa Simreya Jaye.

Peearhey Din Chaar Hai. Jo Kichh Hai So Tera. Sunho Mere Meeta. Tumree Kirpa Meh Sookh Ghanere. Gurbani Keertan Parampara Wirsa Vol 1. Gurbani Keertan Parampara Wirsa Vol 2. Gurbani Keertan Parampara Wirsa Vol 3. Gurbani Keertan Parampara Wirsa Vol 4. Akkhi Vekh Na Rajjiyan. Babiha Benti Kare. Daata Oh Na Mangiye. Ona Pyara Rabb.

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